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Wednesday September 28 2022 08:00 PST - Friday September 30 2022 12:00 PST


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The annual conference will be held from the 28th – 30th of September 2022. Please submit your abstract via this form by May 23rd 2022, at 11:59PM PST. Please find extended information about the conference theme, as well as what makes a successful submission, here.  
In 2022, the scale of construction for manufacturing facilities is unprecedented. The next generation of fabs are not only huge in terms of footprint, but are also extremely complex, with EUV tools and 3D geometries included for the first time. The management of these facilities will be demanding, presenting a new scale of industry challenges. 

As all facilities accelerate production to address the chip shortage, how can the industry find new and revolutionary ways to meet the needs of new fabs and to accelerate the time to market? A new business environment is required to address challenges surrounding the design, build, and magnitude of advanced facilities, whilst continuing to tackle the complexity of advanced devices. Moving forward, facility owners will need to address enormous energy needs, increased water use, increased chemicals, whilst also recovering from the stress of the supply chain caused by the pandemic. Methods used to manage legacy fabs in the past will no longer be enough. It is more important than ever that the sector collaborates to create a seamless and sustainable future for the industry.