Deconstructing the Challenges of Facility 2.0: Device Complexity Drives Facility Complexity

Thursday October 27 2022 08:00-09:30 PT

The growing number and complexity of semiconductor devices is accelerating advanced chip demand. Consequently, semiconductor facility complexity is also increasing exponentially. How does the production of new devices affect downstream processes in comparison to the previous generation of technology? What are the difficulties in constructing these new facilities, in conjunction with labour and material shortages? What are the new purity specifications for systems in advanced manufacturing sites? How can the industry design, construct and operate systems for facilities requiring huge new volumes of gases and chemicals?

This UPM Community Event will feature expert insights explaining the new device production drivers and their real impact on design, construction, and operation of liquid and gas systems.

Dan Wilcox, Principal - Director Process Engineering, Page [MODERATOR]
Nabil Mistkawi, Senior Staff Engineer/Technologist, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
Brandon Ekberg, Principal, Farnsworth Group
Danny Zhu, Project Manager - Gas and Chemical Systems, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
Anthony Jeffers, Director of Project Development, Hensel Phelps

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