Company Profile

Air Liquide

Based in Paris, France



Air Liquide is a world leader in industrial cryogenics. The company's Electronics division delivers ultra-high-purity gases required by the semiconductor industry, as well as detection sensors, management services and equipment for gas and chemicals. Speciality gases provided by Air Liquide include silane and halogen. The company also collaborates with customers and OEM systems suppliers to produce advanced thin-film materials needed for chip production. In 2021, Air Liquide announced its intention to invest in a gas plant in Wuhan, China to support a chipmaker in the region. Founded in 1975, Balazs NanoAnalysis has been part of the Air Liquide Group since 2001. The company has two facilities in the US and one each in France and Taiwan. Balazs NanoAnalysis offers analytical services for ultrapure water, source water, chemicals, equipment and components, gases and air, wet stations and wafers. The company covers parameters including trace metals, ions, particles and organics.

In January 2022, Air Liquide announced plans to build a new air separation unit for liquid and packaged gases in India. The €40 million facility will become operational in 2023 and primarily serve the electronics industry. The announcement follows news that Air Liquide has secured a long-term agreement to supply a major semiconductor manufacturing site in Arizona, which will involve investing nearly $60 million into a new Air Liquide manufacturing site in Phoenix.