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Company Profile

Applied Materials

Based in Santa Clara, CA, USA



Applied Materials, founded 1967, is a world-leading provider of tools and software to the semiconductor industry, including metrology equipment, etching and photolithography systems and chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) technology. The company offers metrology and review systems for FEOL and BEOL applications such as eBeam, Mask and Optical inspection systems as well as critical dimension (CD) metrology. Applied Materials boasts a broad range of process technology and metrology systems, and its investments in digital infrastructure combine sensors, machine learning, simulation, metrology and data science in order to shorten product development cycles and optimize yield.

Area of operation

Applied Materials can be found in 24 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Project of interest

In February 2023 the company announced a new eBeam metrology system to facilitate high-NA EUV lithography, a system which enables low landing energy at two times better resolution than conventional CD-SEMs to avoid photoresist distortion. Applied Materials also announced a breakthrough in patterning technology to reduce the number of EUV lithography steps needed to create high-performance transistors and interconnect wiring, eliminating the need for EUV double patterning.