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Company Profile

DuPont Water Solutions

Based in Wilmington, DE, USA



DuPont Water Solutions, formed in August 2017 by a merger between DuPont and Dow Chemical, is part of the American conglomerate DuPont which manufactures technology, equipment and chemicals. A global leader in specialty-separation and purification technologies, DuPont Water Solutions supplies the microelectronics industry with technologies to produce ultrapure water such as reverse osmosis, ion exchange, mixed bed demineralisation, electrodeionization (EDI), and membrane degasification technologies. The company claims that its DesaliTec™ CCRO systems achieve 98% recovery and reduce waste water by at least 50%. To facilitate increased reclamation of wastewater and recycling of resources, DuPont Water Solutions has developed a variety of wastewater solutions to enable the implementation of minimum- or zero-liquid discharge (MLD/ZLD) strategies. These include ion exchange resins, membrane degasification, ultrafiltration and the use of membrane bioreactors. Outside of Water Solutions, DuPont Electronics & Industrial’s semiconductor applications include lithography materials, packaging and assembly materials, dual damascene copper, silicone, and post-etch cleaning equipment.

Area of operations

Dupont can be found in over 40 countries across Europe, the US, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.