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Company Profile


Based in Essen, Germany



Evonik is a world leading of specialty chemicals, founded in Germany in 1847. The company produces chemicals that are vital to the manufacture of semiconductors at FEOL and BEOL. These include TEOS, hydrogen peroxide for use as an oxidizing agent in wafer cleaning and as a copper etchant, copper/ULK dual-damascene formation, and post-CMP cleaning applications, as well as cleaning and surface conditioning applications related to packaging, and as an etchant for production of printed circuit boards), silicon tetrachloride and ultra high purity hexachlorodisilane. Its Smart Materials division focuses on resource-saving and replacing conventional materials, while the Technology and Infrastructure division offers customized solutions, offering innovation and digitization in the chemical production environment. In 2020, Evonik acquired PeroxyChem, which is the dominant supplier of hydrogen peroxide in the USA, controlling half of the market in the South, Central and Pacific Northwest regions of the country.

Area of operation

Evonik is active in more than 100 countries around the world operating production plants in 27 countries on six continents. Operational in Asia, Australia, the Americas, Middle East and Africa, and Europe.