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Company Profile

Godec Incorporated

Based in Boulder, CO, USA



An independent consultancy run by Richard Godec where he is actively developing new products. He retired from his position as the New Product and Market Development Manager at General Electric, Power and Water, Analytical Instruments group (GEAI). Previously it GEAI, Ionics Corporation, Sievers Instruments, Anatel Instruments, and Pure Cycle Corporation he has held the positions of Research & Development Manager, Engineering Manager, New Market Development Manager, and New Product Development Manager. He is responsible for analyzers measuring Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water, Boron in water, Urea in water, Organic Sulfur in petrochemicals, and Online Instrument Sampling systems. He recently developed a new Bacterial Endotoxin Testing analyzer for pharmaceutical/device manufacturing. He is developing methods to count 1 to 20 nm particles in semiconductor water and chemicals. He holds over 40 International and US patents in the above areas.