Company Profile


Based in Augsburg, Germany



H-TEC Systems, founded 1997, is a company specialising in electrolysis for hydrogen production, developing Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers and electrolysis stacks. PEM electrolyzers are recently commercialized electrolyzers that are more flexible than alkaline electrolyzers, but are more sensitive to water impurities. The company’s goal is to facilitate the energy transition to green hydrogen and reducing global carbon emissions, as electrolyzers are the key technology for the power-to-X value chain. Parent company MAN Energy Solutions (as of 2021) provides H-TEC Systems with expertise in plant EPC, industrial compressors and reactors.

Area of operations

Mainly operating in Germany, where H-TEC Systems' two facilities are located, the company has also entered the Scandinavian market. 

Projects of interest

The company debuted the Hydrogen Cube System (HCS) in May 2022, a modular building block system for large-scale multi-MW electrolysis. In response to the growing green hydrogen market. H-TEC Systems also plans to expand production to 1000 MW by 2025, depending on demand.