Company Profile


Based in Loveland, CO, USA



Founded in 1947, Hach is a major instrument supplier offering a wide range of monitoring instruments and providing analytical expertise for ultrapure water, wastewater, and process water (for processes such as wafer polishing, clean rinsing and backgrinding). The company’s water management solutions for process monitoring and laboratory analysis facilitate real-time management of corrosion-reduction methods, ion exchangers, membrane systems and filtration to optimise efficiency in water and wastewater treatment. Hach’s expertise in ultrapure water has been utilized by a major electronics company in Singapore, providing monitoring for parameters such as turbidity, chlorine, sodium and silica. The company was acquired by the Danaher Corporation in 1999, and will come under the umbrella of Veralto, the new company that will be founded by Danaher in Q4 2023.

Area of operation

The company has global reach - Hach can be found in the USA, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, with manufacturing facilities concentrated in Europe and the USA.