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Company Profile


Based in Daejeon, South Korea



Korean Water Resources Corporation, known as K-water, is a Korean state-run water agency originally established 1967 and reorganized in 1988. The company intends to utilize its experience with water facilities and vast infrastructure to collaborate with leading semiconductor companies on water supply to accomplish the government’s semiconductor strategy goals. K-water has established a foundation of knowledge around ultrapure water with a pilot plant in 2013 and continues to promote growth through collaboration and technological exchange with ultrapure water producers in Korea.


Area of operation

K-water is a national water agency which operates in South Korea.

Projects of interest

In November 2022, Samsung Electronics signed an agreement with the South Korean national government and K-water in which the national water company will provide 173 million tons/day of treated sewage water for industrial use.
K-water is set to develop a $28 million (KRW33.7 billion), 2,400m3/d UPW pilot plant as a first step towards increasing Korean companies' market share in the microelectronics supply chain, which is expected to be online in 2025.