Company Profile

Kurita Water Industries

Based in Tokyo, Japan



Founded 1949, Kurita Water Industries is a Japanese water treatment solutions company that provides chemicals and facilities for water treatment, as well as process chemicals. Kurita offers services such as ultrapure water production, tool cleaning, chemical cleaning, and the manufacture, sale, operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities. The company has also developed wastewater treatment systems which enable water reclamation and recycling from industrial wastewater incorporating IT sensing technology. 
Kurita is also investing in smart water software to make use of Internet of Things (IoT) and AI technology, compiling data to enhance its service offering. Kurita Group has R&D bases in Germany, Singapore, and Japan, as well as the Kurita Innovation Hub, established in Korea in 2022. Kurita leads the Japanese water treatment industry by number of patents held.


Area of operation

Kurita Water Industries has offices throughout Japan. Kurita Group has a global network of subsidiaries and affiliates, in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.