Company Profile

Lam Research

Based in Fremont, CA, USA



Founded in 1980, Lam Research is a global supplier of tools and services to the semiconductor industry, primarily for front-end wafer processing. The company offers solutions for chip interconnects, transistors, advanced memory and packaging to sensors and transducers, analog & mixed signal, discretes & power devices, and optoelectronics & photonics. Lam Research supports the manufacture of leading-edge technology with a portfolio of products for thin film deposition, plasma etch, photoresist strip, and wafer cleaning. In addition, the company provides mass metrology systems to improve yield and device performance.

Area of operation

The company has manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe, and Asia, with offices across the USA. 

Projects of interest

In 2022, Lam Research announced a new selection of etch products for the development of gate-all-around transistors. The three products – Argos, Prevos and Selis – are designed to support manufacturing of 3D transistor structures without damaging the critical material layers, through decontaminating wafer surfaces and enabling ultra-high selectivity etching. The company released a new deposition technology, SPARC, designed for new silicon carbide films that can be deposited in ultra-thin layers in June 2022.

Lam Research acquired leading wet processing solutions company SEMSYSCO in November 2022.
 The company also participated in a project in collaboration with Ovivo, presented at the Ultrapure Micro Conference in 2022, which looks at correlating UPW quality with wafer defectivity.