Company Profile

Nanosized Sweden AB

Based in Stockholm, Sweden



Nanosized Sweden AB has developed an alternative to the ultrapure water methods used in microchip manufacturing for decades. This is an extremely water-consuming process. It is not sustainable. It is very expensive. Still, too often it ends up with substandard chips i.e. low yield. This because of poor water quality. 

Nanosized has two synergetic, disruptive and patented technologies developed in parallel and interactively. One is Winsty™ which is a unique Membrane Distillation module generating water of outermost purity. The purity of this Nano-Pure Water (NPW) is validated using the second technology, NDLS®, proving total particle absence down to the size of the water molecule itself.

Today some 80..90% of the available virgin wafer area is used for chip manufacturing. Nanosized Sweden AB expect this to be increased substantially using their technology.