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Company Profile


Based in Tokyo, Japan



Founded in 1946, Organo is an engineering company specializing in water treatment, which provides integrated management of water used within semiconductor fabs, including ultrapure water and process water production. Using a wide range of water purification systems and equipment such as mixed-bed filtration, ion exchange resins and electrodeionization (EDI), Organo provides technology support for ultrapure water and wastewater treatment. The company also provides systems for recovering resources such as hydrofluoric acid, tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) and rare metals, in addition to membrane separation technologies for regenerating, separating and refining organic solvents. In 2021, Organo expanded its purview from Asia to the US, establishing Organo USA Inc.


Area of operation

Primarily operating throughout East Asia, Organo also recently expanded to the US in 2021.