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Company Profile

QAM Asia

Based in Singapore



Quality Assurance Management (QAM), founded 1994, provides third-party inspection and testing devices for high purity gases, tool systems, panels, and other components to ensure that they meet the purity requirements for manufacturing microelectronics. QAM Asia Pacific is the leading technical service provider to the semiconductor and electronics industries. QAM’s specialized analytical and inspection equipment includes mass spectrometry leak detection technology for helium, with particle counting down to 0.1 microns in process gases, and particle analysis in ultrapure water down to 0.05 microns. The company’s sensors include moisture and oxygen analysers for high purity gas systems, with additional purity testing for other parameters. QAM also provides third-party training in cleanroom protocol management and test procedures.
QAM’s US branch has had clients such as Texas Instruments, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, and Entegris.

Area of operation

QAM Asia has five regional branches in Asia - in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, and China.