Company Profile


Based in Kyoto, Japan



SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions, a subsidiary of SCREEN Holdings, rebranded from Dainippon Screen Mfg. in 2014. It is a manufacturer of tools for use in semiconductor fabs, especially wet processing solutions. Products include equipment for lithography, resist coating and developing, annealing, wafer cleaning, spin scrubbers, and measuring systems, as well as products for the market catering to 200mm wafer sizes and smaller. The company also provides a technical information service for customers. Since 2014, SCREEN has been partnered with imec in a collaborative research and development project for cleaning, wet etching and lithography at advanced nodes.

Area of operation

Headquartered in Japan, SCREEN SPE has subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and China.

Projects of interest

In January 2022, SCREEN finalized the development of its next-generation precision patterning tool – the new LeVina direct imaging system. The tool’s design intends to meet market needs for better digital and energy performance from substrate technologies for advanced integrated circuit packaging. The tool represents an upgrade from the company’s Ledia series, through added imaging heads with an optical engine, and laser control technologies.  
In late December 2022 SCREEN announced the development of a new single wafer cleaning system with a footprint 30% smaller than earlier models and improved chemical circulation efficiency. A new wafer pattern inspection system was also announced with approximately double the practical processing capacity of previous systems.