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Help & Support


Click 'Join UPM' on the website homepage to see membership options. Then, click 'join' on your chosen membership option to access the payment portal. Alternatively, you can contact nrumpaisum@globalwaterintel.com to discuss membership.

You can also use the same methods to renew your membership.

We offer four memberships

  1. A Basic Membership will allow access to the platform for up to 5 users.
  2. A Corporate Membership will allow access to the platform for an unlimited number of users.
  3. Tier 1 Community Partnerships allow access for up to 5 members, with extra brand visibility and promotion of company materials.
  4. Tier 2 Community Partnerships allow access for unlimited members, with extra brand visibility and promotion for company materials.

Find out about membership here or ask nrumpaisum@globalwaterintel.com about Community Partnership options.

The Community Partner Brochure can be found here

Click 'Join UPM' on the website homepage, and then click 'join' on your chosen membership option to access the payment portal. You can also go to click 'Your account' to find out when your membership expires and click 'renew membership'.

Alternatively, you can contact nrumpaisum@globalwaterintel.com to discuss membership.

After choosing a membership option, our team will follow up to request a user list. We will add these users to the subscription. Once each user is added, they will receive an activation email. We aim to process new users within 2 business days.

Access to the UPM platform includes unlimited access to past resources, including technical presentations and webinars. Members also can attend UPM Community Events. In addition, the offering includes unparalleled networking opportunities with a select hub of professionals.

The membership does not include UPM University enrolment or UPM annual conference attendance.

Personal Profile

Your personal profile will act as a powerful networking tool with which you can connect with other members of the microelectronics universe or be contacted by them. You can use your personal profile to demonstrate your interests and expertise, so professionals from the most relevant organizations can be in touch with you.

Click 'Your account', then click 'Edit your profile'. Here you can enable your chat system, choose your visibility, write a bio, add your job title, and include your interests.

You should use your bio to demonstrate your interests, experience, and expertise, so that other members can network with you. When editing your profile, you can use the 'interest list' box to emphasize your area of expertise, e.g., 'particle metrology'. You can see a list containing the interests that other users have chosen to publicize as their area of expertise - this may provide some inspiration.

Click on the 'Members' tab, and then click on 'People'. Here you can search a network of microelectronics professionals based on name, company, or job title.

Click on the profile of another member, and then click 'Send message'. A pop-up chat box should appear, which you can use to type your message. Click enter or press send to deliver the message.

You can edit your location when you edit your profile. Click 'Your account' and then click 'Edit your profile'.

Click 'Members' and then click 'Companies'. Here you can search based on the company name. However, if you wish to search company by company type (e.g. technology providers), services (e.g. ultrapure water production), and tools or equipment (e.g. filters), then you should use the EcoSystem page.

If you have forgotten your password, please click the link to change the password and access your account. If there are continued problems, please email contact@ultrapuremicro.com. If your account has expired, you may need to renew your membership through clicking 'Join UPM', choosing your relevant membership option, and then following through to the payment portal.

Insight posts

Any member can share an insight post, by clicking on 'Members' and then clicking on 'Insights' and then selecting 'Submit your insight post'. Excellent insights will be shared in our monthly newsletter for added visibility.

On the form, you can choose to submit your post with a title, subtitle, banner image, and a list of tags which might help a user searching for it. To make sure your post is published, please tick the 'published' box, and choose the date at which you are publishing. You can include an image in your insight post by clicking the attachment symbol

Any topic related to microelectronics is welcome! Insight posts are designed to be informal, LinkedIn-style posts, which could just be a paragraph or a list of bullet points. Data and technical details are not necessary, but welcome if you would like.

We only ask that insight posts do not have excessive marketing content. It is okay to mention products or projects your company is working on, but please relate it to what is new and changing in the industry. Aim to share knowledge.

Business profile

Firstly, you may need to check if your company is listed under a slightly different name, or under a parent company.

If your company has under 5 people, it may not be listed.

If your company is not listed, but you feel it should be listed, please contact orla.mccoy@globalwaterintel.com

Community Partners have complete control over their own company profile, including description, tags, and any promotional material. Profile Managers will be able to edit by going to 'Your Account' and 'Edit your Company Profile'.

Members without a Community Partnership cannot edit their own profiles. However, if you think something on your profile is out of date, inaccurate, or if any important aspects are missing, please email orla.mccoy@globalwaterintel.com

Company profiles are designed to be informative tools to navigate the microelectronics EcoSystem. Community Partners have added brand visibility, and can therefore include a logo.

You may use the EcoSystem to navigate the supply chain for facilities by company type (e.g. technology providers), services (e.g. ultrapure water production), and tools or equipment (e.g. filters), then you should use the EcoSystem page.


You should receive information about events through your email, or you may be able to see the event listed on the Calendar page. There will be a link with which to register. If you register, the day before the event starts, we will send you the link to enter the event on the Remo platform.

We send information for UPM Community Events via email. If you think you are not on our mailing list, or if you would like any clarification about events, please email orla.mccoy@globalwaterintel.com

We want UPM to be your one-stop shop for several important events happening in the semiconductor manufacturing sphere. We will also highlight important events held by SEMI, IRDS, or other organizations with which we have ties.

UPM University

The UPM University is designed to tackle the expertise and talent shortage in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, especially within ultrapure water production and water management. The program is designed for young engineers beginning their journey in water treatment within semiconductor manufacturing. Led by industry experts, the course will cover water engineering basics, and create the next generation of UPW and water management engineers.

You can preliminarily register interest by clicking the UPM University tab on the UPM platform.


You must be logged in to watch recordings from previous events. You can watch recordings of past conference presentations or community events via the 'Resources' tab. You can search based on author of the presentation, the relevant companies, or by key word.

Please make sure you have selected the right option in the Resources tab. Technical papers and keynote speeches from the annual conference will be in 'Conference Library'. Written technical papers will be in 'Articles'. Webinars that are held year-round will be present in 'Community Events'.

If there is a specific resource you are unable to find, please email orla.mccoy@globalwaterintel.com for help.


You can choose to turn visibility off by clicking 'Your account', then 'Edit your profile', and then unchecking the visibility box.

Please report any members that violate the UPM Community Guidelines to orla.mccoy@globalwaterintel.com. The information will be handled confidentially.

If you are logged in, you can reset you password by clicking 'Your account', then 'Edit your profile', and then scrolling down to change your password.

If you are not logged in and cannot remember your password, you can click the password reset link, or if this does not work, email contact@ultrapuremicro.com

You can turn off the chat system by clicking 'Your account', then 'Edit your profile', and then unchecking the 'Enable chat system' box.

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Getting Started

Complete your profile

The UPM Platform is built on community, with other members able to browse your profile and reach you directly. It is essential that your platform profile accurately reflects who you are, what you do, what your company offers, and how you can work together, and is the first step in building relationships with key industry players.

Follow the basic steps below to fully complete your UPM Platform profile and start reaching out to fellow industry professionals.

  1. Login to your UPM Platform account. Visit https://www.ultrapuremicro.com/users/sign_in and login using your email and password. If you've forgotten your password, you can easily reset it by clicking the 'Forgot your password?' link on the sign in page.
  2. Access your profile - in the top right you will see a green menu that says 'Your Account'. Click here and then select 'Edit your profile'.Edit your profile
  3. Here you can add your profile photo, update your bio, check your job title, check your location, and select your interests from the drop down list. Make sure you click 'Update' at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

IMPORTANT: You may also see a red banner at the top of your screen (shown below), please follow the instructions to change the visibility of your account. If your account is left as 'Private', other members will not be able to view you on the platform or reach out to you via the messaging system. Account visibility

View UPM Members

  1. Login to your UPM Platform account. Visit https://www.ultrapuremicro.com/users/sign_in and login using your email and password. If you've forgotten your password, you can easily reset it by clicking the 'Forgot your password?' link on the sign in page.
  2. Click the orange Members tab, and select 'People' - Here you can browse a full directory of our UPM Community Platform members and click their name to find out more about them.Members directory
  3. Click the 'Send message' button on a member profile to start a conversation - A chat window will automatically pop up at the bottom of your screen. Members receive automated emails notifying them when they have unread messages on the platform.Send message
  4. To return to any of your conversations, click the small 'Messaging tab' at the bottom of any page. This will pop open to show a list of all of your chats. The colored dot next to the profile photo of each member denotes their status as online (green) or away/offline (orange).
    Return to conversations Messaging tab

If you have any questions or problems with the messaging system on ultrapuremicro.com, you can reach out to any member of the UPM team on the platform or email contact@ultrapuremicro.com.

UPM Companies

  1. Click the orange Members tab, and select 'Companies' - Here you can browse a full list of companies in the UPM company database. Companies featured at the top of this page displaying a company logo are partner companies and have an enhanced profile. Enhanced profiles contain more information about the company's services and products, to help you better understand their role in the supply chain.Select companies
  2. Click 'View' to see the full company profile - Here you can see where the company is located, the company 'about' section, their list of services, any community badges, and an option to message a company representative.Company profile
  3. View the event presentations, company materials and employees for the company - Each company automatically features the conference and event presentations given by their employees, as well as supplementary information about what the business does, and a list of employees who are UPM Community Platform members.Company presentations Click the 'Employees' button to switch to the Employee view.Employees view
  4. View the services the company provides - Some companies will have multiple 'Services' tags. The purple tag shows the parent category - these break down further into the orange tags, and then further again into the yellow tags. For example, this company supplies Critical Components & delivery systems, as part of their work in Ultrapure water production & management. This identifies the company as a Technology & equipment supplier.Company services
    The companies section of the UPM Community Platform is a great starting point to explore key players in the microelectronics industry and to engage with those partners who can help you achieve your business goals.

Utilise the EcoSystem tool

  1. Click the purple 'EcoSystem' tab - You can select more than one. Here you can see the 'OEM systems suppliers' category. UPM Community Partners are displayed in the top row with their company logo.Ecosystem
  2. Select a category to explore companies within it - Here you can see the 'OEM systems suppliers' categorySelect a category
  3. Select a sub-category - In the box on the right select from a drop down menu. This will show you additional categories within OEM systems suppliers like 'Ultrapure water production & management' and 'Water management & waste streams treatment & reuse'.Select a subcategory You will then see companies within that sub-category.Companies within subcategory
  4. Select a further sub-category - Some categories can be broken down further. Again, in the box on the right select from a drop down menu. This will show you additional categories within your selection.Further categories
  5. Select a company to find out more and contact them - Each company listed on the UPM platform has a list of Services. You can click through these categories to see other companies that provide this service. From here you can explore the company's profile.Company services

Share your insights

There are 2 simple ways you can share an insight.

Method 1 - Click the green banner that says 'Your Account' and select 'Manage your insight posts'Ecosystem

This will immediately open the insights menu where you can manage your other insights. To post a new insight, click 'New insight'.New insight

Clicking 'New insight' will open the post creation area - Here you can fill out the basic information for your post. Write your Title, subtitle, tag list, banner image (optional) and post body. Make sure you select 'Published' and then 'Create Insight'.Create insight

Your post will then appear like this in the Insights area of the community platform.Insights area

Method 2 - Click the orange banner and visit the Insights section.Insights section

Click the orange 'Submit your insight post' on the left - This will immediately open the New Insight section.Submit insight

Insights appear not only in the Insights section of the platform, but also like this on the homepage. Insights are a key opportunity for you and your company to share news with all UPM Community Members.Insight homepage

Good luck posting your first insight, and remember you can reach out to a member of the team at any time for assistance.

Explore resources

First, select the yellow Resources tab from the navigation menu:Select resources

Select the kind of resource you would like to view: Conference Library, Articles, or WebinarsKind of resource

The Conference Library

This section includes a directory of all UPM annual event conference materials from 2015 onwards and is updated each year following the annual conference with presentations and session recordings.Conference library

Article Library

This section includes technical papers written by industry experts. These longer reads are written in a journal style, and are peer-reviewed to ensure high quality insights and data is being provided.Article library


This section includes recordings and presentations from community events, such as the recent PFAS webinar in January 2022.Webinars

Each resource includes a date, description, a detailed list of the companies and authors involved in the presentation/recording/material, and tags for the major themes. You can search by any of these items, as well as click through to the profiles of the authors. Don't forget, you can use the messaging system to reach out to authors directly with any questions.

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