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Call for Abstracts: UPM 2023 – Unlocking Facility 2.0.

Unlocking Facility 2.0. is an ongoing struggle for the microelectronics industry – to help drive a solution, submit an abstract for UPM 2023.

We are welcoming you to submit an abstract for UPM 2023 

We are pleased to announce that we are now welcoming abstracts for the UPM 2023 Conference in Austin, Texas, under the theme Unlocking Facility 2.0. – a continued discussion of the urgent problems introduced in last year’s conference, but with an emphasized focus on solutions.
The microelectronics industry is yet to build the urgent solutions which are key to Unlocking Facility 2.0. Advanced facilities are striving to adapt to meet the challenging purity requirements associated with producing increasingly complex semiconductor technology. At the same time, they struggle to reduce their environmental footprint, manage rising costs, deal with supply chain bottlenecks, and expand production alongside a worsening expertise scarcity. With a new scale of industry problems to overcome, what will be the key toward unlocking progress in achieving Facility 2.0.?

Facilities’ Growth and Efficiency: more factories, bigger in scale than ever before, must be built in record time. Yet, the industry is facing increasing cost battles which make expanding alongside supply chain issues and an expertise shortage even more difficult.? Industry growth and efficiency is key to unlocking progress in all focus areas. UPM 2023 seeks abstracts with solutions to procurement and supply chain challenges; proven ways of accelerating commissioning and construction; executing expansion projects; operations amidst expertise shortages; and digitization strategies.  
Hot topics:
·       Digitization to support industry growth.
·       Construction and expansion projects for high-purity or complex systems.
·       Offsite manufacturing and procurement strategies.

Environmental Sustainability: new sustainability targets, emerging contaminants, and strict regulations pose new problems. At the same time, increasing process complexity and the sheer scale of mega-fabs drive up resource consumption. No environmental parameters should be considered in isolation. In addition to staple UPM focus areas such as wastewater treatment and water management, this track will bring together key solutions to unlock progress related to chemical reuse, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and energy usage.  
Hot topics:
·       Water reclamation into UPW systems
·       Chemical reduction and reclaim.
·       Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

High Purity Environments: with 3D heterogeneous geometries, declining technology nodes, and new complex fab tools, how can facilities proactively address acceleratingly stringent quality parameters for chemicals, gases and water? High purity environments are key to consolidating the industry’s key parameters: yield and reliability. 

Hot topics:

·       Inline automation and artificial intelligence for yield enhancement
·       Proactive yield enhancement of high purity critical systems
·       Correlating yield with facility performance

If you think you can offer a solution to one of these key industry problems, please submit an abstract for UPM 2023 



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