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PFAS: Upcoming Regulations and the SEMI Industry Response

UPM Community Event

We are inviting members of the UPM Community to the upcoming online meeting, ‘PFAS: Upcoming Regulations and the SEMI Industry Response’, taking place on the 20th January at 10:00 –11:30 CT on the Remo virtual networking platform. This free online event is exclusively available to members of the UPM Community. Click here to register your attendance today.
PFAS: Upcoming Regulations and the SEMI Industry Response
PFAS are essential materials of construction for the semiconductor industry, used in critical components, the construction of fabs, and semiconductor tools. Currently there is no viable alternative to PFAS, so how can the semiconductor industry proactively address stringent regulations and ensure sustainable manufacturing practices? 
This online panel discussion opens the series of UPM Community events, bringing together experts to discuss emerging US & EU regulations and emerging industry efforts to ensure the responsible use of PFAS, environmental leadership and efficient manufacturing practices. You will learn from both the users and the suppliers of components and materials, as they explore regulatory risk, the challenges of PFAS monitoring, as well as the opportunities for reuse as part of the life cycle of this vital material.  
Confirmed Key Contributors:
  • Panel Moderator: Bob McIntosh, Principal, Enviro Energy Solutions
  • Kevin Wolfe, Corporate Environmental Engineer: Water Program Owner, Intel
  • Amber Wellman, Director - Fluoropolymers Sustainable Technology, Chemours
  • Katrin Wallheinke, Manager Materials Technology, Georg Fischer
  • Alan Knapp, Sr. Director, Microelectronics, Evoqua
  • Ryan Thomas, Emerging Contaminants Practice Leader, GHD
  • David Kandiyeli, Technical Fellow – Process Engineering, Mega Kinetics Fluid System 
This meeting is your exclusive opportunity to get ahead of imminent PFAS regulations, getting insights into what end users can expect from these revised standards, and how their partners in the supply chain can best position themselves to help meet this challenge.
Once you navigate to the Remo meeting page, click the "Save me a spot" button. If asked to login, please do so using the same email as you use to login to your UPM Community account.
This online meeting is exclusively available to UPM Community members. The UPM Community platform was built to provide the semiconductor manufacturing industry with a dedicated space for year-round discourse and meetings, professional development and networking, and the advancement of the industry agenda. We hope this first meeting, and other upcoming online meetings, prove there use in helping you achieve this.


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