Yana Nazarova

UPM Director

Based in Oxford, UK


Welcome to the new Ultrapure Micro Community Platform

Welcome to the new Ultrapure Micro Community Platform! With the start of the much-awaited UPM 2021 Annual Conference, we are delighted to launch this community driven platform to accelerate innovation and empower the industry. 
UPM has always had a laser focus on end-user needs, striving to facilitate productive cooperation between semiconductor manufacturers, vendors and suppliers. The annual conference has provided an important space for collaboration around increasing yields and improving efficiency, but the intense pressure currently being placed on the industry has driven the need for more opportunities to connect year-round to discuss the urgent supply chain challenges.  
Keeping ahead of the challenges faced by the semiconductor manufacturing community and evolving our service to meet them is the driving force behind this UPM Community Platform. This is a single, interactive solution designed to bring the industry even closer together under one umbrella. It is designed to be a frictionless environment for the entire supply chain to work together, to respond to the rapidly evolving demands of the semiconductor industry, and to harness opportunities for collaboration and industry advancement. 
The platform integrates: 
  • Networking tools, such as the online messaging system, to make year-round collaboration seamless; 
  • Company and professional profiles tagged within the supply chain, facilitating meaningful connections and partnerships;  
  • Knowledge exchange opportunities in the form of industry perspectives, technology insights, as well as regular virtual networking meetings; 
  • Dedicated learning and training opportunities as part of the newly founded ‘UPM University’; 
  • Technical UPM resources and archives collated over several years of experience and expertise. 
The direction of this Community lies in the hands of our members, and so we encourage you to explore the platform, reach out to other members and get involved in the Community activities.  


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