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Winners of the 2020 Best Presentation Awards

 At the Ultrapure Micro 2021 Online Conference, we were delighted to announce the winners of the UPM 2020 Best Presentation Award!
The winners of each track, with their presentations, are as follows:
  1. As part of the UPW and Liquid Chemicals System Improvements track: Hanspeter Mueller, GF Piping Systems, for his presentation, Thermoplastic pipe stress modelling - Best Known Methods (BKM's) for safe and reliable long-life Double Containment Piping Systems, Hanspeter Mueller, Georg Fischer 
  2. As part of the AMC & High Purity Gases Control track: Walter Den, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, with co-authoring organisation, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, for his presentation, A Retrospective Review of AMC Issues: Our Understanding and Issues Incurred
  3. As part of the Water and Resources Conservation track: Jochen Ruth, Pall with co-authoring organisation, RBFM Consulting, for his presentation, Smart Primary Wastewater Management – Strategies, Rules, Examples
  4. As part of the Ultrapure Water Contamination Control track: Glen Slayter, Intel and Dan Rodier, Particle Measuring Systems, for their presentation, Understanding Nanoparticle Contamination in Ultrapure Water Generation and Distribution

A very warm congratulations to the winners of the UPM 2020 Best Presentation Awards! We encourage you to watch these presentations, and others from the UPM 2020 Online Conference, in the Resources section of the platform. 


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