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... 2022
Deconstructing the Challenges of Facility 2.0: Environmental and Operational Sustainability
Unprecedented demand for semiconductor products is compelling the construction of larger, more complex facilities which consume increasing quantities of energy and water.
Intel; FTD Solutions; Applied Materials; GF Piping Systems; Slava Libman; Andreas Neuber; John Painter; Josh Best; Aaron Blawn Sustainability; Water Management; Energy Conservation; Construction; Water Conservation View
... 2022
Deconstructing the Challenges of Facility 2.0.: Time-to-market and Supply Chain in the Microelectronics Industry
Intel, LotusWorks, Evoqua and FTD Solutions discuss the microelectronics fab construction boom, the expertise shortage, supply chain bottlenecks, and long lead times.
Intel; LotusWorks; FTD Solutions; Evoqua Water Technologies; Alex Milshteen; Assaf Harel; Dave Buesser; Alan Knapp; James Casey Supply Chain; Fab Operation; Construction View
... 2022
Deconstructing the Challenges of Facility 2.0: Expertise in Semiconductor Facilities Operations
Held in May 2022, this is the second meeting in the UPM Community Event Series 'Deconstructing the Challenges of Facility 2.0'
Enviro-Energy Solutions; Intel; SCREEN SPE; Page; Arizona State University Bob McIntosh; Elizabeth Betancourt; Dan Wilcox; Kenneth Sullivan; Niall Maher End-user; Facility 2.0 View
... 2022
Deconstructing the Challenges of Facility 2.0: Yield & Reliability Drivers
Presentation given at April 7th 2022 online UPM Community event.
FTD Solutions; Page; Qualcomm; Tokyo Electron; Slava Libman; Dan Wilcox; Mustafa Badaroglu; Supika Mashiro End-user; Data Management; Modeling; Risk Management; Yield View
... 2022
Sustainability Roundtable: Challenges and Opportunities for Water Recycling
DAS Environmental Expert; Nadine Siebdrath; Joerg Winter; Water Management; Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse; Energy Conservation; Cost Management; Sustainability View
... 2022
Sustainability Roundtable: Sustainability? When will it turn into action?
Roundtable event handout for February Community Event
Pall; Gerd Heser; Sustainability; Membranes; Membrane Filtration; Water Reclaim View
... 2022
Sustainability Roundtable: Catalyzing Innovation in Water Management via Data and SEMI Standards
Roundtable handout from February Community Event
FTD Solutions; Bonnie Marion; SEMI; Data Management; Metrology and Analytical Technology; Water Conservation; Sustainability; UPW System View
... 2022
Sustainable Water Usage in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Roundtable event opening remarks at February Community Event
Intel; Paul Kerr; Sustainability; Water Reclaim; Water Management; Water Conservation; SEMI View
... 2022
PFAS: Upcoming Regulations and the SEMI Industry Response
Presentation given at January 20th 2022 online UPM Community event.
Chemours; Intel; Enviro-Energy Solutions; Evoqua Water Technologies; GHD; GF Piping Systems; Kinetics; Bob McIntosh; Amber Wellman; Kevin Wolfe; Katrin Wallheinke; Ryan Thomas; Alan Knapp; David Kandiyeli PFAS; Wastewater; Environmental Impact and Compliance; SEMI; Distribution Systems View
... 2020
Proactive Solutions in Water Management for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturers
Water management at advanced facilities has become increasingly complex. The manufacture of the new generation of technologies has increased water demands and posed new challenges for internal and external infrastructure. This webinar focused on proactive solutions and strategies based on recent developments in SEMI Standards. The panel then discussed risk management, environmental compliance, reliability issues and data management for water management challenges.
FTD Solutions; Intel; Ovivo; Page; Samsung Austin Semiconductor; Slava Libman; Paul Kerr; Alex Milshteen; Philippe Rychen; Dan Wilcox; Michael Knapp; SEMI; Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse; PFAS; Environmental Impact and Compliance; Data Management View