Clean UPW Sampling in Facility Environment: ​ A Solution to minimize Cross-contamination ​

Date published: 2022

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Despite the technological advancements in online analytical metrologies for ultrapure water (UPW) quality monitoring, offline measurements of grab samples are critical to assess certain quality parameters to date not yet available for online analyzers (i.e. metals and ions). The current recommendations from IRDS (2021 yield enhancement) for metals in UPW to is <1 ppt, for critical metals for image sensors even <0.2 ppt at POP. Therefore, high performance analytics is required in terms of limit of quantification and analytical range. To be able to reliably measure such low concentrations of metals in grab samples, clean sampling strategies are absolutely required to avoid cross contamination onsite. In this work, we present a simple and effective tool helping to bring the samples from the facility to the lab in a clean and reliable way, minimizing main cross-contamination normally occurring during sampling in an industrial environment.

Companies: Ovivo;

Authors: Luciano Clary; Philippe Rychen; Jerome Gaering;

Tags: Metrology and Analytical Technology; UPW; Metal Contamination; Clean Sampling