Device Yield and Reliability: Exploring Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Date published: 2023

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Find the webinar Q&A here: 3D chip structures, heterogeneous integration, and smaller technology nodes mean that critical defect sizes are at single-digit nanometer scales. Consumer demand for longer-lasting chips also puts pressure on contamination control needs. Quality specifications are harder than ever to meet, and they will only become more stringent. Presented in this webinar is some of the most cutting-edge research related to yield enhancement for liquid chemicals and water.

Companies: Enviro-Energy Solutions; GF Piping Systems; CT Associates; Qualcomm; Samsung Austin Semiconductor; Pall;

Authors: Bob McIntosh; Gary van Schooneveld; Jochen Ruth; Ashutosh Bhabhe; Mustafa Badaroglu; Nabil Mistkawi

Tags: Yield; Particles; Particle Precursors; Metrology and Analytical Technology