Proactive Technology Management - Supply Chain in Support of Advanced Technology Yields

Date published: 2020

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This webinar brought together the perspectives of end-users, high purity polymer material experts, and POU treatment specialists, to present a holistic view of the risks associated with high purity materials and components. Archita Sengupta, Intel, and Bob McIntosh, Enviro-Energy Solutions, opened the discussion by identifying the key technology challenges associated with high purity liquid delivery systems. Followed by a panel discussion of industry experts, the webinar addressed potential solutions and proactive strategies for improving material quality and treatment solutions to ensure high manufacturing yield.

Companies: FTD Solutions; Intel; Enviro-Energy Solutions; Pall; Evoqua Water Technologies;

Authors: Slava Libman; Rushi Matkar; Bob McIntosh; Ashutosh Bhabhe; Jochen Ruth; Alan Knapp; Archita Sengupta

Tags: End-user; Supply Chain; Distribution Systems; Wafer Defectivity; IRDS; SEMI