Real time AMC monitoring with novel chemical ionization mass spectrometry at single digit pptv concentrations​

Date published: 2022

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As AMCs originate from a wide variety of sources – including process chemicals, refrigerants, cleaning solvents, construction materials, and personnel - it is critical that any monitoring solution is capable of detecting a robust variety of AMCs. Technologies such as GC, IC, and CRDS are currently limited to a subset of AMC at detection limits which are no longer suitable for the ever-shrinking technology nodes produced in modern FABs because they are unable to provide fast measurements, guarantee a comprehensive monitoring of the AMCs including unknowns, and/or are not sensitive enough to trace contaminants at relevant levels. In this work, the Vocus ABC monitor is presented as a recent technological solution that enables custom lists of compounds to be monitored with a sensitivity that reaches single digit parts-per-trillion volume concentration.

Tags: Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC); Metrology and Analytical Technology; Facility 2.0