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Substrate Environment Contamination Control - The Manufacturing Tools Perspective

Date published: 2020

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This webinar features a presentation from Nabil Mistkawi, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, who identifies key technology requirements for wet chemicals and gases from an end user perspective. This was followed by an engaging discussion between tool OEM companies and end users, as they explored the contamination control needs of individual environments, showing where contamination impacts the process, thereby bringing together the supply chain with the clean room.

Companies: ASML; Samsung Austin Semiconductor; SCREEN SPE; Applied Materials; Intel; Page; FTD Solutions; SCREEN Holdings

Authors: James Snow; Rushi Matkar; Dan Wilcox; Slava Libman; Abbas Rastegar; Jim Snow; Marcel Teunissen; Nabil Mistkawi

Tags: IRDS; Metrology and Analytical Technology; Wafer Defectivity; End-user; Ultraviolet (UV)