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The Microelectronics Industry of 2023: A drive towards sustainability, reuse, and growth in water-related spending
The UPM Community Event presents a webinar containing analysis of water-related capital expenditure, ambitious end-user sustainability goals, and technologies for reuse in the microelectronics industry:

  • The semiconductor construction boom - as well as speculation about an industry downturn - has dominated news coverage of the industry - but how do these market dynamics affect water-related capital expenditure?
  • Sustainability is an increasingly important driving force behind water spending in the industry. How can we begin to analyze and compare the different approaches used by chipmakers for reporting water usage and devising sustainability goals?
  • While semiconductor fabs continue to tackle challenging wastewater streams, there are opportunities for innovative solutions to meet treatment targets and accelerate sustainability efforts. Which technologies can take water reuse to the next level?

- Charlotte Oakes, Technology Editor, Global Water Intelligence
- Orla McCoy, UPM Community Manager, Global Water Intelligence
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Forthcoming events
Tuesday October 10 2023 08:00 CT - Thursday October 12 2023 17:00 CT

UPM 2023 Annual Conference

UPM event
We are thrilled to share that Ultrapure Micro will host its annual conference in Austin, Texas October 10-12th 2023.
 The UPM conference is laser-focused on end-user needs, delivering critical discussions on facility growth, environmental sustainability, and stringent yield and reliability needs. As microelectronics facilities evolve rapidly, our agenda develops to address solutions.
 What will be the focus of UPM 2023?
 The conference will foster the most relevant conversations for facilities. The industry is growing – both in scale and in complexity. Manufacturers need to meet their sustainability goals whilst producing more chips and operating at higher quality parameters. Facilities must be at the forefront of industry attention – and facilities need new-age solutions. The UPM 2023 Conference will bring together even more innovators and thought leaders in these areas, so experts can learn from each other.