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A roundup of essential microelectronics industry news from November 19- December 20.
Advanced materials and equipment supplier Entegris announced a $500 million investment in a new manufacturing facility in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Science Park. The project will focus on...
December 2021

Year in review: Fab investment in 2021

Below is a roundup of the main investment trends, including advanced packaging, public funding and more spending on DRAM equipment.
The past year saw investments aimed at expanding manufacturing at fabs to meet global demand for microchips. With total sales from semiconductor manufacturing equipment set to surpass $100 billion...
December 2021

Five things we learned about PFAS at UPM 2021

UPM is holding a panel event to discuss industry response to legislation on 20th of January 2022 , kicking off a series of UPM Community events. Below are key takeaways from UPM 2021’s PFAS-focused presentations.
These five points were distilled from presentations made by Bob Mcintosh, Principal at Enviro-Energy Solutions, who gave a technical presentation and hosted a roundtable on regulation of PFAS in...
December 2021