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Ultrapure Micro is a highly technical community, but we also value the opinions and insights of our industry experts and UPM contributors. The Industry Insights page will provide a space for short observation pieces and interviews, which aim to keep you updated on what’s new and changing in the industry.

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PFAS: Upcoming Regulations and the SEMI Industry Response

UPM Community Event
We are inviting members of the UPM Community to the upcoming online meeting, ‘PFAS: Upcoming Regulations and the SEMI Industry Response’, taking place on the 20th January at 10:00 –11:30 CT on the...
January 2022

Winners of the 2020 Best Presentation Awards

At the Ultrapure Micro 2021 Online Conference, we were delighted to announce the winners of the UPM 2020 Best Presentation Award!
The winners of each track, with their presentations, are as...
November 2021

IRDS 2021 update

We encourage the UPM Community members to read the 2021 IRDS update that has just been published and can be found on the IRDS Website
Echoing Slava Libman during his annual IRDS and SEMI Keynote at...
November 2021

Welcome to the new Ultrapure Micro Community Platform

Welcome to the new Ultrapure Micro Community Platform! With the start of the much-awaited UPM 2021 Annual Conference, we are delighted to launch this community driven platform to accelerate...
October 2021

Critical Particle Monitoring: Online Q&A

The first UPM virtual event took place on November 9-11, and as usual generated a lot of discussion. We would like to continue these conversations and so have provided the opportunity for you to...
November 2020

Ultrapure Micro 2020 Goes Virtual!

Over the past 6 months, COVID-19 has changed the way we work and connect; we rely more than ever on our online connections to maintain relationships, share resources, and provide business...
October 2020

Proactive Solutions in Water Management for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturers; A Summary

Water management at advanced facilities has become increasingly complex. The manufacture of the new generation of technologies has increased water demands and posed new challenges for internal and...
October 2020

ON Semiconductor outlines challenges for tough new discharge regulations

The microelectronics giant is contending with new wastewater regulations around copper and fluoride, affecting its treatment processes in various parts of the globe. GWI finds out the...
July 2020

Substrate Environment Contamination Control – The Manufacturing Tools Perspective; A Summary

This webinar provided a deep dive into the effects and challenges of sub-10nm particles within the semiconductor manufacturing process. As we move towards 7nm and even 5nm device nodes, particle...
July 2020

Water for semiconductors is no micro-issue

Samsung Austin Semiconductor has expanded its manufacturing capacity significantly over the last decade as its Korean parent pumps money into the fab in Texas. Reducing water consumption is one of...
January 2020