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Intel Water Usage: Chart

A visualization of Intel's global water balance

Intel's 2022 Global Water Balance

This chart shows how Intel’s global water balance as of 2022, including the methods of sourcing water, how the water is consumed by operations, the volume of water returned to the local environment, or the volume restored to the planet through funded projects. In 2022, Intel conserved 9.6 billion gallons of water which is measured as total water in minus water consumed through evaporation and irrigation. 

As part of its RISE 2030 goals, Intel aims for a net-positive water balance and to conserve 60 billion gallons of water. Intel defines net-positive water balance as follows: water returned to the environment (including discharge) + freshwater restored to watersheds = more than 100% of freshwater consumption. 

At a recent UPM webinar Vanessa Lanas Delbridge, Global Water Stewardship Program Manager at Intel commented ‘Intel has been investing in water stewardship for two decades. This includes conservation efforts, collaboration – internal and external – and innovation, so that we can reduce the impact to environment as we continue to grow.’ She also spoke about the $1 billion dollar investment that Intel has made in water conservation projects over several years, including on-site water reclaim facilities for reusing water in cooling towers and scrubbers.

The Intel Global Water Management Group, which oversees water strategy and roadmap across the organization has been focusing on multiple aspects of water conservation. A few examples include:

  • Ultrapure water efficiency projects which reuse water reject or rinse flows.
  • Tool water usage reduction projects which minimize or eliminate ultrapure water bypass flows. To minimize these bacteria-avoidant flows, the inclusion of digital technologies is essential for detecting the achievement of optimum rinses.
  • Restoration projects across the globe. 


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