Company Profile

Applied Specialities, Inc.

Based in Avon Lake, OH, USA



Founded in 1981, Applied Specialties, Inc. (ASI) is a water treatment solutions provider which provides specialty chemicals programs and specific treatment for a range of industrial applications. The company’s cooling water treatment program offers corrosion inhibitors, scale control, and biocides to protect equipment and keep maintenance costs down. Scale control, sludge conditioning, and corrosion inhibitors are additionally part of Applied Specialties’ boiling water treatment program. The provision of breakthrough lime technologies, for discontinuing lime slaking or improving conventional lime slurry processes, is also a key section of the company’s portfolio.
Additional ASI chemical programs include flocculants, coagulants, antifoams, fugitive dust control, combustion aids, fuel conditioners, process side treatments, emulsion breakers, demulsifiers, dispersants, process inhibitors and antifoulants.