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Company Profile

Applied Specialities, Inc.

Based in Avon Lake, OH, USA



Applied Specialties Inc (ASI), founded in 1981, is a water treatment solutions provider for heavy industry clients. ASI creates custom solutions and technologies, such as cooling water and boiler water treatment programs with corrosion inhibitors, scale control and sludge conditioning. The company also offers breakthrough lime technologies designed to discontinue lime slaking and improve lime slurry processes. Its Eco-Safe water treatment portfolio takes the form of ion exchange and caustic soda softening, to reduce TOC, suspended solids, chlorides & sulfates, heavy metals and water hardness. Additional ASI chemical programs include flocculants, coagulants, antifoams, fugitive dust control, combustion aids, fuel conditioners, process side treatments, emulsion breakers, demulsifiers, dispersants, process inhibitors and antifoulants. In addition to providing these custom technology solutions, ASI offers technical support for plant commissioning, oversight and monitoring, and provides operations & light maintenance of critical processes, including filtration and reverse osmosis.

Area of operation

Applied Specialties operates in the USA. Based in Ohio, the company has facilities in Texas, Arizona and Louisiana.