Company Profile

Carollo Engineers

Based in Walnut Creek, CA, USA



Carollo Engineers, a US based water engineering consulting company founded in 1933, specialises in the planning, design and construction of water and wastewater facilities.  The company has specialised experience in filtration, brine management technologies, and tertiary treatment systems for reuse. They also provide high purity water treatment systems and specialised wastewater treatment plants for clients from the industrial sector, including the semiconductor industry. Providing detailed design, programming, and engineering support during construction, Carollo Engineers offers a variety of delivery methods for clients, such as DBO, EPC, CMAR, and DBOF. The company worked with a semiconductor manufacturer on the construction of an industrial wastewater treatment and recovery plant in Chandler, AZ to meet strict water quality requirements while ensuring that treated reclaimed water was always available.

Area of operation

Carollo Engineers has offices across the USA.