Company Profile


Based in Billerica, MA, USA



Entegris, founded in 1966, is a global leader in advanced materials science providing process solutions and advanced materials for the semiconductor industry. The company offers filtration products, liquid systems which control and analyze process fluids, gas delivery systems, specialty deposition and cleaning chemicals, advanced packaging materials and advanced components for semiconductor manufacture. It also provides specialty materials like graphite, silicon carbide and coatings for chips. Entegris creates products suitable for metrology, photolithography, assembly and packaging, wafer handling and etching. Entegris acquired CMC Materials in 2022 through a $6.5 billion deal, and in so doing added a new Advanced Planarization Solutions (APS) division to its operating model, offering end-to-end CMP solutions. CMC Materials is aleading supplier of advanced materials for semiconductor manufacturing, including chemical-mechanical planarization products and electronic materials. 

Area of operation

Entegris has manufacturing, customer service and/or research facilities in North America, Europe, and East Asia.

Projects of interest

Entegris announced plans in late 2022 to construct a new facility in Colorado Springs to support production for its Microcontamination Control (MC) and Advanced Materials Handling (AMH) divisions. In late 2021, Entegris announced a $500 million investment in a new manufacturing facility in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Science Park. The project will focus on micro-contamination control solutions, such as filters, gas delivery systems and advanced chemicals. Entegris hopes the facility will support the development of technology nodes below 5nm.