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Company Profile

FTD Solutions

Based in San Francisco, CA, USA



FTD Solutions is a consulting firm, specializing in supporting the microelectronic industry by solving challenging problems and optimizing performance of facility systems. With unique software tools and top-level industry experts, FTD Solutions has a proven track record of success in developing new technologies, solving capacity issues, mitigating risk and improving performance in the areas of the environment, energy, cost and yield for dozens of facility systems worldwide.  Our key expertise centers around UPW, industrial wastewater and risk management.  FTD focuses at beginning of the solution development to diagnose opportunities, to produce recommendations, and to develop concepts.  Services include development of the scope of work for the design of the effective solution in the best interest of the microelectronic client. We provide support to both the client and the solution provider through the steps of the implementation. 
In addition to our services, FTD is emerging as a provider of digital solutions of tools to enable decision making in the space of water and waste.  The FTD signature software products are the WMA – Water Management Application and the UPW Management Application.  Each is a great example of the combination of specific industry expertise and Information Technology to catalyze innovation in the industry.


Non-obvious Barriers to Innovation in Environmental Sustainability

In an era where global ecosystems are at risk, environmental sustainability is not a choice—it's a mandate. Companies, organizations, and governments worldwide have recognized this urgency, prompting a transformative shift in global outlooks and practices.
Slava Libman – CEO at FTD solutions

Gregory A. Norris – Director of SHINE (the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise) at MIT

Understanding Net Positivity

October 2023

UPM Webinar Series – Facility 2.0: Webinar #1 - Enabling Yield in Next Generation of Semiconductor Manufacturing

An insight co-authored by some of the IRDS experts who gave their insights at the last UPM Community Event
Watch the event recording here.

In collaboration with semiconductor industry experts, UPM has launched its new webinar series in preparation for the UPM 2022 Annual Conference in September. The...
April 2022

Automobile Industry and Water Management

How can the automobile industry inspire us to make better water management decisions?
There is no doubt that the invention of the automobile fundamentally transformed the way we live. Many people need a car for their livelihood and every-day activities. In 2018, there were more...
March 2021

Particle Precursors in Ultrapure Water

What are particle precursors in ultrapure water and why are they important in semiconductor manufacturing?
What are particle precursors in ultrapure water?
The history of particle precursors, a new contamination risk for semiconductors, is tied with the development of the cutting-edge particle...
February 2021

Optimize Cooling Tower Operation

How can I increase reliability of my cooling tower system while reducing risks and operation cost?
Effective site water management is heavily dependent on the ability to optimize cooling tower operation. Cooling towers and the associated condenser loop of chillers represent major components of...
February 2021

Proactive Particle Control in UPW

How to manage particles in a UPW System?
If you are involved in ultrapure water (UPW) technology as a UPW user, system operator, or supplier you should/must be interested in particle control. The...
January 2021

What is FTD Solutions bringing to UPM 2020?

FTD’s WMA: Fast, high-quality water management decisions made possible
In this video you will learn about Water Management Application (WMA), a web-based platform that allows to conserve water, remain within compliance limit, improve infrastructure performance,...
November 2020
Chief Operating Officer
Senior Project Engineer