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Based in Boston, MA



Founded in 2013, Gradiant is a water treatment solutions provider focusing on industrial water disinfection, water reuse, waste minimization and resource recovery. The company offers end-to-end solutions with applications in the semiconductor industry for industrial wastewater treatment, ultrapure water treatment, desalination and reuse and minimum- and zero-liquid discharge (MLD and ZLD). In June 2022 Gradiant acquired WaterPark, a design and construction firm focusing on water technologies for the semiconductor and microelectronics industries; Gradiant and WaterPark have previously worked with semiconductor clients such as Micron, GlobalFoundries, TSMC, and UMC. Gradiant also acquired Canadian AI water technology company Synauta in 2022, utilizing Synauta's expertise to develop SmartOps Digital, an integrated digital solution which uses machine-learning AI to optimize plant performance, predictive maintenance and remote monitoring.

Area of operation

Gradiant has 13 global offices; headquartered in Boston, MA, with a regional HQ and R&D labs in Singapore, and offices across North America, Australia, India, and Southeast Asia.

Net-Zero Water and Sustainability Goals in the Semiconductor Industry

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November 2022
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