Company Profile

Merck Group/EMD

Based in Darmstadt, Germany



Headquartered in Germany, Merck is a global supplier to the semiconductor market, offering high-purity chemicals and wafer fabrication materials. In the US and Canada, the company is referred to as EMD. Merck's portfolio diversified significantly after the acquisitions of Intermolecular and Versum Materials. Merck's Applied Solutions division supplies technologies for water quality testing alongside its widely used lab-based water purifiers and dispensing systems. Merck is actively incorporating digital and ultrafiltration technologies into its lab & clinical water systems to provide cloud-based quality monitoring as well as for the production of ultrapure water. Its electronics division provides a variety of semiconductor materials, such as photoresists for photolithography; high purity wet process chemicals; speciality gases; materials for chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD); and spin-on dielectric materials. Alongside these materials, the company also provides integrated circuit packaging for the finals stage of fabrication.