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Hansung Cleantech CO., LTD.

ultrapure water

Based in Based in Seoul, South Korea


Hansung Cleantech Co.,Ltd. (HASCO) is a full service environmental consulting and management company, which provides engineering, manufacturing, constructing service to the clients to maximize profits and mitigate risks, while minimizing their ecological footprints. Since 1990, HASCO has been a leading company of innovated water and wastewater treatment technologies servicing a global market place with over 20 years of experience with wide range of project worldwide.
HASCO’s philosophy is to provide the highest quality service at the most cost-effective price to assure that the client’s objectives are met. To meet this commitment to excellence, HASCO has provided effective solutions for sustainability, reuse and reclamation with outstanding, experienced and high educated technical staffs.
Our mission is to offer private industries and municipalities the most advanced, efficient, and cost-effective project design available. Our expertise in environment project design will provides you with low maintenance, prolonged efficient systems.
HASCO is currently committed to the highest efficiency in water and wastewater treatment systems fully compatible with the goal of  “Sustainable Development” of industrial activities.
We invite you to contact our worldwide project installations.