Company Profile

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Based in Austin, Texas, USA



Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS), established as a foundry in 2017, is a leading chip manufacturer for automotive, internet of things (IoT), consumer, networking, and mobile applications. SAS is a major player in the foundry market, primarily focusing on producing 14nm and 28/32nm technologies. Samsung’s Foundry business, first founded 2005, offers turn-key manufacturing solutions to global fabless and integrated device manufacture (IDM) semiconductor companies such as Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Tesla, in addition to parent company Samsung Electronics. Samsung Foundry introduced 3D FinFET technology in 2015, allowing fabs to transition into 14nm processes. 


Area of operation

Samsung Austin Semiconductor operates in Austin, Texas, USA. 

Projects of interest

In late 2021, Samsung Austin Semiconductor announced $17 billion for the construction of a new chip manufacturing facility in Taylor, Texas. Samsung broke ground on the new site in 2022, and it is set to be operational by 2024.

Water sustainability initiatives

Samsung Austin Semiconductor won a Texas Environmental Excellence Award (TEEA) in 2022 as a result of implementing a Copper Ion Exchange system for processed wastewater in 2020 which removes the metal without producing copper sludge.