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This library provides access to all the presentations that have been shared as part of the Ultrapure Micro conference since it began in 2015.

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Keynote panel: Environmental footprint


Developed by end users, technology and service providers, manufacturing experts and academics, the articles shared within are the result of collaborative partnerships and extensive research.
Part 3: Performance of Polymers, Phosphonates, and Polymer/ Phosphonate Blends as Gypsum Scale Inhibitors
Several operational issues in industrial water systems result due to the deposition of unwanted materials on equipment surfaces consisting of mineral scales, suspended matter, corrosion products and microbiological mass. This article examines the performance of synthetic polymers and phosphonates as gypsum scale inhibitors. Inhibitory data on the performance of polymer/phosphonate blends as gypsum precipitation inhibitors is additionally displayed in this article.

Community Events

UltrapureMicro community events and webinars bring together topic experts to discuss and debate industry challenges, providing a platform to disseminate their knowledge to a wider audience.

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Enabling Time-To-Market for Next Generation Semiconductor Facilities