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Keynote panel: Environmental footrpint


Developed by end users, technology and service providers, manufacturing experts and academics, the articles shared within are the result of collaborative partnerships and extensive research.
The use of EDI technology to recycle HF acid wastes from scrubbers and thermal treatment units
Electrodeionization (EDI) is one of the unit operations used to produce high-purity water. EDI can remove ionic contaminants from selected wastewater streams, so water can be recycled for reuse. This technology combined ion exchange (IX) and electrodialysis in a single cell.

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UltrapureMicro community events and webinars bring together topic experts to discuss and debate industry challenges, providing a platform to disseminate their knowledge to a wider audience.

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The Microelectronics Industry in 2023: A drive towards sustainability, reuse and growth in water-related spending