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Benchmarking the particle removal performance of ultrafiltration modules in UPW using several particle metrologies​

Date published: 2022

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Nanoparticles represent one of the most critical contaminations in ultrapure supplies for semiconductor fabrication addressing ultrapure water (UPW), gasses and chemicals as well as materials of construction decreasing yield on the wafer. Along the UPW generation process, there are sources (e.g. materials) and sinks (e.g. filter) for nanoparticles. As final barrier for nanoparticles in the polishing step, ultrafilters are commonly used on UPW plants. However, the performance of the ultrafilters in the field in terms of removal performance for particles need to be investigated to come up with pro-active approaches for particle removal. Especially for UPW, there is a lack of online particle metrologies down to particle size of sub 50 nm. This study aims to give an overview on different particle metrologies to better understand the particle removal performance by ultrafilters on the market.

Companies: Ovivo;

Authors: Pia Herrling; Philippe Rychen; Najib Alia;

Tags: Nanoparticles; Critical Contamination; Ultrapure Water; materials of construction; Metrology and Analytical Technology