Gas Analytical Needs and Expectations for EUV Nodes

Date published: 2022

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This provides greater visibility to the material manufacturing process, which complements a risk-based approach to material disposition and facilitates timely response to inline material signals. Gases have not historically resulted in the same level of fab process impact at legacy nodes; however, excursion impact of raw materials has increased exponentially at smaller and smaller nodes. More frequently, gas excursions have resulted from isolated process, raw material, and cylinder-level abnormalities not characterized on the COA. This impact has driven the need for a similar COA expansion approach within high purity gases, for quality assurance. In preparation for EUV nodes, the overall gap in analytical capability, characterization, and control between the Asian and US markets, further drives the need for this supply chain visibility. Therefore, investment and innovation in US high purity gas supply chains will be critical to achieving yield ramp in EUV nodes.

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Tags: High Purity Gases; EUV; Metrology and Analytical Technology