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Company Profile

Nalco Water

Based in Naperville, IL, USA



Acquired by Ecolab in 2011, Nalco Water is a leading provider of water management and treatment technologies. In addition to providing solutions for cooling water systems, boiler water systems, reverse osmosis for ultrapure water production, air handling and chemicals delivery, Nalco also offers testing, inspection and analytical services, including industrial internet of things (IIoT) monitoring systems. The company’s flagship 3D TRASAR technology digitally monitors water parameters for cooling and process water to optimise chemical dosing and deliver water and energy savings. Nalco's process-critical closed loops, which help control temperature, have been implemented in semiconductor fabs to prevent microbiological build-up and corrosion. Previous major clients of Nalco include NXP Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor and Samsung Austin Semiconductor


Area of operation

Nalco operates in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.