Orla McCoy

UPM Community Engagement Manager

Based in Oxford, UK


What's new in UPM?

A rundown of the latest updates to the UPM Community Platform.

Leading up to the 2021 Ultrapure Micro conference in November, we launched the new UPM Community Platform – a one-of-a-kind industry hub which enables members to network with each other, exchange knowledge, and access previous conference materials and articles. 

All 2021 UPM conference resources, including recordings of presentations and Q&A sessions, are now available and ready for viewing in the UPM Community Platform Resource Library. Members can access presentations as far back as 2015, when the annual conference began. 
Since the UPM Community Platform launched in November 2021, over 670 individual profiles have been created as part of the UPM Member List. Members can update their profiles to include a biography, summary of interests and links to their UPM conference presentations and articles, as well as can enable the chat function to directly network with other members. 
So far, over 160 company profiles have been added to the UPM Company List. UPM Community Platform members can access these profiles, which include key information such as company descriptions and microelectronics industry supply chain specialties. The UPM EcoSystem is another way to easily filter and search for companies by business and technology types.  

UPM partner companies can manage their profiles to increase their visibility to the community; they can create company descriptions, display their previous UPM contributions, include company materials and choose where their business falls within the UPM EcoSystem.