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Upcoming UPM Community Meeting Series: Exploring Solutions for Facility 2.0.

Register now for expert perspectives

Upcoming UPM Community Meeting Series: Exploring Solutions for Facility 2.0.

Register for the third event in the series on August 30th - Enabling time-to-market deliverables of next-generation semiconductor facilities

UPM is launching a three-part series of webinars to move beyond discussing the challenges of Facility 2.0 and begin to explore how the engineer can unlock the technical solutions to these challenges in preparation for the UPM 2023 conference theme: Unlocking Facility 2.0.

Last year’s conference introduced the unprecedented changes transforming the semiconductor industry. Pre-existing pressures – such as time-to-market urgency, the complexity and size of facilities, yield and reliability requirements, and sustainability targets – are more challenging than ever before. Past methods used to manage semiconductor facilities will no longer be enough. 

The journey towards Facility 2.0 has not yet been completed. Experts from different focus areas will come together to discuss this new scale of difficulties, innovative approaches, and how the industry is operating differently under Facility 2.0 in 2023 and beyond. 

1.       Device Yield and Reliability: Exploring Solutions for Facility 2.0. Register here for the first webinar Thursday June 29th 

High purity environments are vital for the industry’s key parameters – yield and reliability – and the complexity of incoming devices as well as 3D chip structures only enhance the challenge. How can the industry advance new-age solutions to proactively manage ever-increasingly strict purity requirements for critical systems? How can engineers produce the best quality of high purity liquids, when there are ongoing limitations for metrology and contamination control?
2.       Environmental Sustainability: Exploring Solutions for Facility 2.0. Wednesday July 26th

New ESG goals, emerging contaminants, and regulatory drivers impose new constraints on facilities. How can facilities crack the code in balancing competing targets related to water circularity, chemicals usage, energy consumption, and gas emissions, when facilities are only becoming more resource-intensive? This webinar will bring experts to bring vital awareness to water stewardship, reducing energy and emissions, and tool design for sustainability. 

3.       Facilities’ Growth: Exploring Solutions for Facility 2.0. Date TBC, August

Facilities are larger and more complex than ever before. What methods is the industry using to adjust to new challenges, including the magnitude of new construction, new approaches to commissioning and procurement, material scarcity, supply chain bottlenecks, and operational resilience amidst expertise shortages? With immense pressure on facilities to adapt to growth whilst dealing with cost restrictions, the entire supply chain will need to consider the incoming approaches related to commissioning, offsite manufacturing, and resource shortages. 




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